Helping Injured Oklahomans Recover The Disability Benefits They Deserve

A number of Oklahomans who work long and hard have their ability to earn a paycheck cut short due to injuries or psychological disorders that prevent them from finishing out their careers as they desired. If you find yourself in this situation, the attorneys at Milburn & Massey want to help.

You may be eligible to collect Social Security Disability benefits, or your initial petition to receive disability benefits may have been denied. Attorney Kenneth R. Massey has helped more than 1,000 individuals navigate the complex disability process and recover the benefits they are owed.

We accept all Social Security Disability and ERISA cases on a contingency fee basis. You will only pay attorney fees if we recover a lump sum in back pay for you.

We also help individuals collect benefits through employer-provided long-term disability (LTD) insurance programs, which are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). If you have been denied LTD benefits, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf against your employer and work to build the medical, vocational and other evidence necessary to recover the full amount you are owed.

Why Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

You do not have to hire an attorney to recover disability benefits, but the complexity of the administrative process can make it difficult to navigate. Many injured parties have their initial application rejected because they did not provide the proper "medical evidence" or other supporting documents.

When we work together on your appeal, you have our persistent, committed advocacy throughout the process. We gather all of your medical records, communicate with your doctors, submit all forms and monitor every deadline for you. Ultimately, we present your strongest legal arguments to the decision makers at every step, including at the administrative law judge hearing. We know what information is most likely to help you win your appeal, and we know how to present it.

Your Solution Starts Here

If you have been denied disability benefits, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and recommend an effective course of action. Call 405-777-2582 or email us to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients throughout central Oklahoma from our offices in Shawnee and Edmond.